8 ways to reduce being swollen

2018 January 9


8 ways to reduce being swollen

Being swollen is a signal that there is unnecessary element in body- so called ‘edema’





Neck massage

It’s hard to feel that your neck is swollen and it is generally bigger and bigger.

Touching and massaging your chin, earlobe and collarbone is effective on the neck.





Wash face with sparkling water

After wash face with sparkling water, less stimulation helps blood circulation.

If there still exists edema, soak face into it and wash with tepid water within three minutes.





Sleeping on the left side

Lie on the left side even if it is not a good posture.

In this case, the vena cava connected to heart would be pressed, which causes bad blood circulation.





The best ingredient, an eggplant reducing edema

Pumpkin is well known for easing edema, but an eggplant is also good for it.

It has much Kalium, well lower calories, and has effective for diuretic action.





A foot rest under the desk

Those who sit for a long time, place foot rest under the desk.

If you put your feet in gravity way, it causes edema due to bad circulation of body.

Put them onto foot rest higher than





Face stretching

Ease tension by saying ‘ah, ae, i, oh, woo’ as you wash, before sleeping and etc.





scalp massage with peppermint

Use products which has peppermint in it for scalp.

Gently tap the crown of the head and the back of the head with your finger.

Their blood circulation is a top priority.




Bathing & Footbath

It is good for blood circulation of hands and feet with peripheral nerve,.

Keep 38℃ to 40℃ during 10 or 20 minutes. A drop or two of fruit vinegar, aroma and citrus oil will be much better.