5 Tips For Skin Of The Grooming

2018 October 26



At these days, a lot of men are interested in dolling themselves up.





Those are called as grooming group.

So now, we are going to talk about the way of skin care
for men dreaming beautiful skin~!

Tip 1

Catch the way of washing up

Routinely, almost men often wash up face for short term~!
Because the surface of man is stacked sebum, waste etc.,
It is needed to spend time for that!

A dry skin is recommended to wash up face with warm water during enough time,
And a oily skin is suggested utilizing foam cleanser for oily skin, after that, your skin is changed to smooth skin.


Tip 2

Deep cleansing once a week or 2 weeks

It is so difficult to clean that your pore is clear as only one step.
In order to solve this matter, we need to be pure with deep cleansing
by enzyme or scrub.

AHA is for a complex skin & a dry skin,
BHA is for a oily skin & a trouble skin.
Choose one of those and apply twice a week,
Spend your time during Only 1 minute 30 seconds.

Tip 3

Supply moisture enough to skin

Those who are oily and trouble skin usually consider acne resulted from Cleanliness.
Due to it, they continuously wash up.
However, it makes function of skin poor.
Skin is exposed the circumstance for germ!

By using mask pack which supplies moisture to skin,
It can be solved easily.




Tip 4

After shaving, Necessary skin relief

Shave-zone is one of the sensitive skin problem to male.
It can prevent skin damage by taking shaving cream, after making extending pore
by steam towel or tepid water.
Applying after-shave toner and emulsion, shaving afterward.
Don’t forget what damaged skin is calmed finely~!

Tip 5

Essential sun block use

Ultraviolet is one of the main enemies damaging skin.
Therefore, men also have to use sun cream.

But, due to sun block containing lots of chemical substances,
Unless washing up well, it is happened trouble.
It is emphasized to wash thoroughly, after applying!




Tip 6

Match cosmetic with your skin

If males find out basic cosmetics going well with their skin,
They can make skin milky and luminous.

Generally, the skin type is composing of dry, oily, complex skin.

First of all, you need to figure out what the type of your skin is,
And it is important to use cosmetic matching with you.

If your skin is much oily,
It is matched with gel or emulsion kinds.
In the mean while, your skin is dry, at winter season,
Don’t miss that its type is good using moisture cream~!

From now, Be chick man!