2019 February 1

Let’s look at a useful beauty tips for more relaxed and more leisurely

on the morning which wants to lie on the bed even during 10 mins.

Dry hair by utilizing t-shirt

it is effected negative influence to a weak hair by rubbing and brushing when you dry a hair

You can dry a hair more soft and faster if you tap with t-shirt instead of towel.

Complete a wave hair within 5 mins.

After ting hair above, it is waved through a curling iron by separating as some parts

It is completed as natural curl within a short term, after applying spray on a dry hair.

The way to find foundation color matched with personality

When choosing foundation, people often compare color on ankle for checking colors.

If they do, perhaps they can’t find out matched color with their skin.

In order to look matched color, it need to be compared rather neck than hands.

Conceal dark spot

When concealing dark spot, They usually apply concealer only under eyes zone.

It makes bright under eyes, but looks flat at other spots.

It is recommended applying to direction of eye zone below as triangle shape.

Draw a sharp eye line’s tail

When novice apply eyeliner, it can be prevented eyeline’s tail from unbalancing

with card you can draw clarified line by utilizing a card through direction of making eyeline’s tail.

Take away eyeliner with cotton swab

It should be wiped by eye remover with cotton swab when deleting eyeliner in order to modify

It is convenient more than using cotton pad when you remove point make-up in small part.

Draw eyeliner by using eyelash curler

curling eyelash after applying eyeliner to inside curler. It can save the time by drawing and curling at same time.

Broken eye shadow & blush

Compact type such as eye shadow, blush is broken well even once dropping.

At this time, by using vaseline with alcohol, after melting broken products, it will be returned ordinary formula pressed alcohol.

Also, by using eye shadow and vaseline, a unique color of lipgloss can be recycled.