Common sense in beauty, Best 10

2018 March 22



Common sense in beauty, Best 5



Heating an eyelash curler

It curls eyelash and maintains it by heating an eyelash curler before using it.

Please keep in mind that you get it cool to prevent it from burning.




Mascara not being applied to eyelashes due to it’s residue!

Give it a new life with several drops of saline solution.




Long wear fragrance

Before using perfume, slightly apply Vaseline

on the wrist and the back of ears, which lasts long.




Let nails dry with iced water

An efficient tip for those who can’t wait for letting their nails dry

Finish it early by soaking your hands into iced water.





Powder on eyelashes

Apply mascara and baby powder on eyelashes.

After that, apply mascara on it again to get voluminous eyelashes such as a doll.





To put thin pins in an opposite way

You can enforce maintenance by placing wave-shaped part in an opposite way.




Volumizing for pony tail with thin pins

With 2 or 3 pins, put them under your pony tail.

Put them in half to hair and take them out of it.




Applying concealer in triangle under the eyes

It gives effects on natural looking and face-lifting

if you cover the zone in a triangle.




1.5 times with brown and nude tone of eyeliner

Eyes look small if you apply black eyeliner on below line of eyes.

The eyes look much bigger if you layer skin color and brown one.





When your pigtail style is so neat that you looks countrified, please comb your hair?

Brush hair with a tooth brush as it looks simple and old-fashioned.

Natural hair style is possible if you brush your hair in an opposite way.