BB Fit Foundation with light application and perfect coverage

2018 May 25


According to the survey by a research firm on ‘the most important thing when putting on makeup’, most people think ‘a clear skin expression’ was the most important. People of all age from their 20s to 60s put their best effort on the skin expression when wearing makeup and many of them do not forget to use cushion pact or foundation with great coverage.

Cushion pact has weaker coverage than foundation, and therefore foundation is used more often when putting on makeup in the morning. But the downside of foundation is it should be used after basic skin care routine and even wearing sunscreen and makeup base or primer. As foundation is used after several makeup steps, many people do not like its heavy application.


Accordingly, what is gaining attention recently is ‘Multi Foundation’ with multiple functions like sun protection or light application.


‘DABO Cosmetics BB Fit Foundation’ has high SPF (47 PA+++) and therefore you don’t need to wear sunscreen. It is a functional product with brightening and wrinkle reduction effects which even supplements skin care function and its light texture like BB cream meets the needs of female customers in their 50s who want light but perfect coverage.


Industry officials said “BB Fit Foundation with great application and perfect coverage creates a clear look on your skin and lasts long to maintain a bight skin expression for a long time.”