DABO Cosmetics “How to apply your BB cream smart”

2018 May 25


BB cream is one of the makeup products mainly used for natural makeup. It is applied lightly, covers blemishes and corrects the skin tone. Recently released products even have a sun protection function with enhanced coverage, getting popular among various customers regardless of gender. In particular, BB creams with higher SPF sell better in summer.


An official from DABO Cosmetics advises “BB cream is so light and natural that it is easy to apply thickly. In this case, the border lines may be apparent around the neck, hair line or chin, so it is better to spread it over lightly. To prevent BB cream from getting cakey, it is important to finish proper skin care routine before applying BB cream. Balance out the moisture in your skin with a toner, a lotion or a moisturizing cream and remove dead skin cells once or twice a week to avoid clumping of dead skin cells and BB cream.”


DABO Cosmetics’ Matte Finish BB (SPF47 PA+++) is a BB cream for oily skin to keep the outside of skin smooth and the inside hydrated. It covers the pores and ruggedness and takes care of sebum to allow smooth makeup to last for a long time. In addition, it is applied lightly and its chewy texture covers skin flaws naturally to keep skin sleek and perfect for a whole day.