DABO Cosmetics, “What’s your choice, BB cream or foundation?”

2018 May 25


BB cream, foundation and cushion pack are essential items for base makeup. Basically, all of them are used similarly in a way to correct the skin tone. However, BB cream is mainly used when you don’t have much time and foundation is used when you want to create a more perfect look.


◆ BB cream with multiple functions and light application

BB cream was originally introduced to treat and cover the scars from dermatologic laser treatments. The benefits of BB cream are it calms down the skin, is applied lightly and has a skin finisher function covering the last step of skin care. The downsides are it may darken the skin depending on the product and the coverage is weaker than foundation.

However, recently released products prevent darkening and offer total care with triple effects of wrinkle reduction, brightening and sun protection. DABO Cosmetics’ Matte Finish BB SPF47 PA+++ provides triple effects and its centella asiatica extract helps keep skin from getting damaged. Its high SPF allows the product to serve as a skin care finisher and the unique color mixture prevents darkening as much as possible.

◆ Foundation to better complete the base makeup

Foundation covers the skin more effectively and lasts longer than BB cream. Therefore those who want a more perfect skin expression choose to use foundation. And its wide variety of colors and textures give more options to customers. However, some customers do not want to use it because of its heavy application and possibly irritating ingredients.

DABO Cosmetics’ BB Fit Foundation SPF47 PA+++ not only creates a perfect expression but also takes care of the skin with its triple functions of wrinkle reduction, brightening and sun protection. Foundation’s downside ? heavy application ? is improved to cover your skin perfectly but lightly.