DABO MAKE-UP launched “Extreme Matte Lip Lacquer,” Containing colors of Seoul

2019 June 11


DABO MAKE-UP launched “Extreme Matte Lip Lacquer,” Containing colors of Seoul


DABO MAKE-UP launched “Extreme Matte Lip Lacquer,” featuring vivid color and matte feel.


“Extreme Matte Lip Lacquer” is an all-day proof product whose high-color pigment stays vivid even with a single touch.


When you apply the lip lacquer product of liquid formulation which does not have gloss at all, you will have soft color on your lips.

If you wait for about one minute after adhered (it takes one minute for the formulation to be fitted), the formulation will be evenly

placed on your lips. After color is fixed, the product provides robust resistance against friction and water without causing smearing

and spreading. As the products enable women’s lip makeup that does not need frequent modifications, it can ease women’s

concern that makeup might be easily broken in warm and hot seasons, such as spring, summer, and early fall.


There are five colors, each of which has its own package design, item number, and a representative attraction of Seoul which

has inspired the producer. It is evaluated to have well expressed the B.I of DABO in showing the beauty of Seoul to the whole world.


The company said, “Extreme Matte Lip Lacquer is a product that had been expected by many customers even before it was

launched because of the product’s excellent product quality, package design, and unique color name (containing representative

attractions of Seoul which was inspired by the producer).” The company added, “The lip color product with its intense color and

without smearing is going to attract the hearts of customers who prefer matte and clean makeup. We have begun with 5 colors

and will expand the product line to various colors later.”