DABO MAKE-UP, “Living Coral” Color Announcement Chosen At This Year

2019 April 9


DABO MAKE-UP, “Living Coral” Color Announcement Chosen At This Year


“Living Coral” is chosen as Pantone’s choice of color at 2019. Added to the pretty yet a bit subtle and conventional

mix of orange and pink in coral color is more dynamic energy, and hence the name “Living Coral.”


Living Coral can be a favorite color to be used for lipstick, eye shadow and blush because its color adds natural

warmth and animated energy to the face.

And here the DABO MAKE-UP recommends spring-blossom “coral color makeup” matched gorgeously and lively for you.

▶ Lovely “Cheeks”
Cheeks are an effective highlight area to add vibrant and dimensional looks to you face. Your face will exude more energy

and shine with peach coral blush especially if you have complex skin with a bit of yellow or pink tone. Apply the blush and

tap on the “apple zone” where check bones come up when you smile.


“DABO MAKE-UP Lovely Fit Blush” is a pressed-powder type light-weight blush with a long-lasting vivid color. “122 Han River

Peach Color” was inspired by the glamorous color reflected on BANPO bridge of Korea at night.

▶ Maxed-Out Coral Effect on the “Lips”
Coral lip make up naturally lights up the face and lips like shining warm sunshine. It is also good for color layers to create

versatile looks from being innocent to sophisticated.

“DABO MAKE-UP Real Rouge Matte” gives this creamy silk texture to the lips while color stays vibrantly long and consistent

with just one touch. Apply neon-colored pink coral “122 Yolo” as the base and layer it with red coral color that easily matches

both cool and warm-tone face “121 Coral Blossom” on inner lips


According to a DABO MAKE-UP’s presenter, “Coral make up looks better if the overall tone goes together. So use the same

coral-colored eye shadow, blush and lips for a maximum effect.”