DABO MAKE-UP, Paid attention by your own summer festival make-up

2018 August 20


It is coming back to summer season as the period of festival. There are many people who try to express gorgeous and

personal make-up which can’t challenge in daily life and cloths, even hair freely, daringly in order to join festival.

DABO Make-Up is notifying you to the way making up captivatingly, lastingly for other’s attention in blazing atmosphere of festival.


Light and sleek skin exposure for all day long

In hotter summer, Base Make-Up is surely taken away by sweat and oiliness when you enjoy on festival for all day.

Let’s complete Base Make-Up, express also milky skin exposure absolutely by utilizing UV lays protection (SPF 47 PA+++)

product despite hot weather. BB Fit Foundation Of DABO MAKE-UP provide you merit as combination product

which is light texture, water balance, natural skin surface of bb cream and long-term persistency, adhesion power,

imperfect cover of foundation.

Also, because it consists of diverse colors, individual skin tone is gone well with it


For Special Presence Eye & Lip point expression

In order to express festival make-up lets pay attention to expose lip with deep color or eyes with heavy make-up.

It is matched with summer festival.  Wonder Fixing Brush Eyeliner of DABO MAKE-UP which can express

by individual preference eye line is brush type that makes eye line specific for long-term without spreading

from flimsy line to thick line. It is utilized to express unique personality that Clear, well-exposing vivid color

make-u or glitter product can make twinkle eye line exposure.


Lip make-up making Festival atmosphere is important gorgeous color as well as lasting power.

Real Luz Matt of DABO MAKE-UP maintain vivid color and equal color for long-term, silk fit texture melting above lip

by one touch. Various Color Expression is made by 13 Color Kinds Of Real Luz Matt or exclusive make-up is

completed by glitter, lip gloss.


At this summer, Let’s make summer festival with clear skin expression and deep point make-up