2018 April 10

DABO MAKE UP announces that they release ‘Real Rouge Matte’ recently and

start to sell it in global market in January 29th 2018.


‘Real Rouge Matte’ is matte type lipstick which expresses great color formation.

The main selling point is soft texture even matte type like other brands.


It has total 13 colors and expresses vivid and rich color even in crinkly lip with silky texture.

also, jojoba seed oil improves dryness and exfoliation of lip.


The person in charge of DABO MAKE UP told that “‘Real Rouge Matte’ has high color expression,

soft texture by improving color expression and texture which is weakness of matte type lipstick.”

and “it realizes trendy lip makeup because 13 colors reflect trend of F/W, S/S.”


also, “we are researching more color trend to release more color line up.”