DABO Makeup: pore cover makeup for summer

2018 July 6


As the weather gets hotter, women prefer not only light dresses but also light makeup.

However, it’s not pleasant when wide and sunken pores reveal themselves over lighter makeup.

Even so, thick makeup for covering such pores isn’t proper in humid and sweaty summer when

sweat may remove your makeup.


In this regard, DABO Makeup’s products, applied lightly and covering pores smoothly, are receiving attention.


DABO Makeup’s ‘Dark Out Tone Up Primer No.1 Rose’ is a tone up primer which not only corrects

your skin tone and brightens it up but also covers bumpy pores and skin ruggedness with its sleek

essence texture. In addition, sebum control complex removes excessive sebum and oiliness after

makeup, creating sleek and bright look on your skin without pores looking apparent.


‘BB Fit Foundation’ has light and perfect coverage to correct pores, skin ruggedness, tiny defects

and troubles, and gets moisture absorbed better to let it stay for a long time without darkening.

Great adherence can keep the surfaces of your pores much sleeker.