DABO Makeup recommends foundation for dehydrated & oil skin.

2018 June 11


Foundation with great coverage and lasting power is essential for perfect base makeup. In particular, as you need to choose the right foundation for your skin type, finding the foundation suitable for your skin has become so trendy that even terms like ‘lifetime foundation’ or ‘”It” foundation’ were newly coined.

There are of course many skin types, but the most difficult sky type to choose cosmetic products is dehydrated and oily skin. Dehydrated and oily skin type means the skin where the skin gets oily on the surface some time after you put on makeup but makeup itself becomes cakey or rubs off because of the lack of moisture.

Usually this type includes troubled skin or one where the inside of the skin is dry. You notice your makeup rubs off as it becomes flakey but, at the same time, gets oily over time.

‘DABO Makeup BB Fit Foundation’ has aqua-holding texture which helps moisture better stick to the skin and keeps your makeup longer without clumping or darkening. In addition, it keeps the inside of the skin moisturized but the outside refreshing, its light and nice application prevents the makeup from getting cakey and its great coverage covers skin flaws like ruggedness, pores or blemishes to take care of your skin clearly.

“It is wiser for those with dehydrated and oily skin type to use foundation with proper oil-moisture balance rather than moist foundation,” DABO Makeup officials said. “BB Fit Foundation is something we recommend for those with this skin type.”