DABO Makeup suggests skin expression without looking oily in sweaty summer

2018 July 6


Hot summer has come and your base makeup may easily get oily and removed over time.

For your elaborately prepared makeup in the morning to stay naturally until afternoon, you need to know what your skin type is.


If you have oily or combination skin, cleanse thoroughly in the morning before basic skin care and sun

protection and use BB cream or foundation for skin makeup. On the other hand, those with dry skin,

spread moisturizing cream over your skin during basic skin care with tone-up primer and sunscreen

at the end and use BB cream or foundation to prevent your makeup from getting cakey or clumping.

The last step, regardless of your skin type, is to use powder pact to control oil for remaining your skin expression

for a long time without it getting oily. It’s important to know how to use powder pact in the right way. While many

used to use it by tapping on the skin with an included puff, people now prefer to brush the skin gently with a brush

rather than a puff. With a puff, controlling the amount used is important; just take a small amount and tap lightly to

let it applied tightly on the skin. When using a brush, pick one with larger surface and apply from the larger area;

from cheeks and forehead to chin and nose.

DABO Makeup advises “No Sebum Rose Pack has very fine powder particles that prevent your makeup

from getting cakey and clumping. Its western rose extract and tea tree leaf oil help control sweat and

sebum and avoid oiliness.”

This summer, figure out your skin type and use the right makeup product for your skin to complete non-oily makeup.