DABO Makeup suggests various expressions for trendy red lips

2018 June 11


It is cherry tomato red that the global color company, Pantone, has chosen as a 2018 S/S trend color.

In relation to this, DABO Makeup suggests two lip expressions – gradient lips and two-tone lips – for moist and vivid ‘semi matte lip makeup.’


▶ Gradient lips with one color

‘112 Sunshine Red’ is the color as lively as cherry tomato red, which keeps the inner sides of the lips moisturized

and brightens up the lips vividly as if the light was turned on over time. You might want to cover your lip color

with base first before putting on lipstick for clear skin expression and proper color formation and then apply No.

112 lipstick vertically to prevent your lip wrinkles from standing out. Rub the outer lines of the lips with a cotton

swab and apply lipstick strongly once more on the inner parts to complete the perfect two-tone gradient lips.


▶ Two-tone lips with two colors

A combination of delicate and vivid red color ‘111 Love Me Red’, a bit redder than cherry tomato red, and mild and

nude coral color ‘122 Yolo’ is the color pure enough for anyone with cool tone or warm tone to easily use. Put on No.

122 as a base color on your entire lips and add 2018 S/S trend color No. 111 to the inner parts of the lips for voluminous

lip expression to complete the fresh two-tone lip makeup.


DABO Makeup officials said “we suggest distinctive makeup like a celeb this spring with two makeup styles of trendy red color.”