DABO’s lip makeup suggestions for your pit-a-patting Kiss Day on 14

2018 July 6


June 14 is so called ‘Kiss Day’ when man and woman express their love and kiss.

With Kiss Day coming soon, many women are interested in appealing lip makeups for memorable Kiss Day.

In this context, DABO Makeup suggests “just with different expressions and colors as a point makeup,

you can make various attractive looks from lively or lovely to seductive lip.”

▶ Lively orange lip makeup

Apply DABO Makeup’s Real Rose Matte 122 Yolo with 112 Sunshine Red on the inner sides to make lips more

voluminous and complete natural and lively orange lip expression. Jojoba seed oil allows color to be applied

naturally without tugging, dead skin cells or cakey color expression. Silky and elegant texture makes your lips

sleek and soft so that your loved one may want to kiss you.


▶ Seductive red makeup for captivating a reticent and chic guy

The most important thing for red lip color is that it should come out vivid and strong enough. Use one of three

DABO Makeup’s red lipsticks – 111 Red Me Red, 114 Holiday or 115 God Red – for vivid color expression as if

you got a touch from an expert. Even with a single touch, its strong color expression allows your lip makeup

to remain vivid and sharp for a long time.


▶ Adorable and lovely pink lip makeup

If you’re looking for a color to express your loveliness, DABO Makeup’s various pink colors from soft pastel

pink 103 Pink Flash to vivid 101 Magenta Pink, 102 Funny Pink or 104 Seoul Pink are the answer.

Real Matte Rouge Pink Lips with silky fit texture allow light and soft application for matte expression

without feeling thick.