False beauty tips, which can cause destroy skin

2018 January 29


There are many tips to make better skin here and there.

Do no trust on them which are not officially certified.

Shall we find what kinds of wrong tip exist


+Using a colored pencil instead of an eyeliner+

You should purchase an eyeliner in a beauty shop because ingredients of

a colored pencil is very dangerous for mucous layer.


+Applying lemon juice to remove freckles+

It is effect on those who are not sensitive to sun or don’t have allergy of lemon.

It often appears to people who have freckles and bright skin.


+Rubbing potatoes onto oily skin+

Some substances in potato block pores and cause acne.

Please use cosmetics and masks only for oily skin.


+Putting make-up sponge into microwave oven+

There is an odd that a make-up sponge or pigment can melt.

Please use a cleanser when you wash it.


+Applying a tooth paste on skin’s blemishes+

There are dangerous ingredients in a tooth paste such as fluoride and pigment.

You are advised to keep the part of skin’s trouble clean by using ointment or patch.


+Using baby cosmetic instead of general one.+

As you use baby cream, it can cause blemishes on skin.

Baby cream usually protects skin barrier from external elements so adults need to apply general cosmetics only.