Foundation makeup tips suggested by DABO Cosmetics

2018 May 25

Base makeup is the base of entire makeup, and foundation is one of the basic makeup products most of the female customers have. Unfortunately, quite many people do not know how to apply foundation properly.


Therefore, DABO Cosmetics introduces how to use foundation effectively.


△ Remove dead skin cells. The skin is sensitive to the change in the weather and dead skin cells get off from more aged skin for longer times. Therefore it is necessary to remove dead skin cells. Get rid of dead skin cells properly to enhance the coverage and application of foundation.

△ Moisturize your skin well. Makeup is applied better on more hydrated skin. However, wearing too much foundation may make your makeup oily and smearing.

△ Use primer. Apply primer before wearing foundation to cover pores and let your makeup last longer. In addition, primer adds brightness to the foundation.

△ Use concealer. To highlight base makeup, apply concealer lightly on the parts you want to cover before using foundation. You can complete foundation makeup with better coverage.

△ Use an applicator. Use a brush for a matte texture and a wet puff for a hydrated and glowing texture. Choose a right applicator depending on the texture you want.