How to Create Perfect Eye Line for Your Eyes

2018 July 6

Which part of the facial features do you think is the most crucial in determining a person’s first impression: Eyes, Nose or Lips?

It is often said that eyes play the most important role

in creating a person’s impression.

Eyes and their shapes are extremely important!

And eyeliners are there to bring out that natural beauty of your eyes!

You need to think about the thickness, length and color of the eyelines for perfect eyes!

Now, shall we find out various tips on creating perfect eyelines that bring out your facial features?

Eyes with eye creases with regular width

The basics for creating expressive eyelines are

to fill in the waterlines.

If you don’t fill them in, it may not make your eyelines look large enough.

Now, draw the eyeline starting from the inner point of the eye to the tail.

If the eyeline is too thick, the natural eye crease may look narrower, and if too thin, there is not point of drawing it!

The width of the eyeline should be 1/2 of that of the eye crease.

Eyes with eye creases with thicker width

First, fill in the waterline to create expressive and clear eyelines.

Open your eyes, imagine how you want your eyelines to be,

and draw them while making the tails of the eyelines thicker

Make sure not to draw thick eyelines just because you have wider eye creases.

It can make your eyes look smaller!

One more tip!

Use brown eyeliner than the black one to create far more elegant impression.

Eyes with no eye creases

Draw small dots to pinpoint where you want to draw the eyelines with your eyes open.

The ideal eyelines will show slightly when you open your eyes!

If you overdo it, the lines may smudge when you blink your eyes…

Draw the eyelines following the dots.

If you smudge the eyelines with eye shadow, it will make your eye makeup deeper and more expressive!

Short and small eyes

Draw straight and thick eyelines following the shape of your eyes.

Elongate your eyeline makeup

so that the eyes look much larger and more graceful.

Cat Eyes

Those with cat eyes with higher tails

should draw the eyelines following the natural eye shapes.

Starting from the 1/3 part of the eyeline from the tail, draw the eyelines at a downward angle and link with lower eyelines.

Fill in the triangle wings at the tails of the eye with eye shadow and create graceful look.

Puppy Dog Eyes

Those with puppy dog eyes with lower tails

should draw more dramatic and clear eyelines by wing them out at an upward angle.

Also create triangle wing at the lower part of the tear duct

to create more cat eye look.

Make sure not to fill in the triangle wing at the tails of the eyes

Or else the whole eyelines may look too puppy dog eye shape.

Eyes with long space in between

Wing out just a little bit for these types of eyes

and put more dramatic eyeline makeup near the tear duct part so that the eyes look close to each other.

Use eye shadow and eyeliner near the tear duct for gradation for a more natural look.

Eyes with short space in between

Contrary to those with long space in between, user with short space should skip the makeup near the tear duct!

You should emphasize your eye tails to make your eyes longer and space between eyes wider.

The parts near the tear ducts should be lightened up with bright eye shadows and the tails of the eyelines should be winged out long!

One More Tip

If the eyeline makeup gets smudged often due to eye creases, apply powder gently over the makeup for fixing finish.

Eyeliners are perfect tool to minimize flaws and bring out the best

from your natural eye shapes.