How to make up well

2018 May 25

Because of the hot weather these days, you often sweat your make-up off.

Isn’t it?

Let me show you how to make up your face.

If you think it’s a bad make-up, please notice this!


“How to make up well”


cause) disorder skin!


Tip 1

When you are free,

Put on good moisturizing mask pack before base makeup.

When you are busy.

After applying toner, mix the base + oil or cream in 4:1 to apply it.



In the middle of makeup, use a mist having fixer function then cakey prevention UP.


cause) Unabsorbed products



Unabsorbed products.

skin/essence/ lotion/sunblock/BB cream/foundation/powder

be slippery or stuffiness

Please absorb the basic cosmetics in a proper amount.

Make basic makeup weaker than usual, considering the oil in make-up products.



If you apply a lot of basic cosmetics, your make-up can be quickly removed.

Eye cream is thick texture. If you use it to entire face, it makes your make up messy.

Eye-cream is expensive!!

Only apply eye-cream to wrinkles around eyes and lips and neck.



silicon/silica/apply a thick layer/apply a thin layer

Be careful with products that contain silicon, silica, and powder ingredients.

Silicon and silican are not absorbed by the skin. So, apply thin if possible.



Apply lotion or cream to soak dry skin once more before makeup.

In case of dry skin, there`s rub makeup off badly like dead skin cell.


cause) Base cosmetics that are not close to the skin



Please apply it along the skin with a brush/sponge/puff, then adhesion UP.

Tok Tok Tok.

Do not apply thick, but thin and evenly!



Please be careful lump because of many touch and correction!!

Wipe oil with toner coated cotton wool or oil-paper.


cause) easily wrinkled area. (nasolabial fold, the rounded sides of the nose etc.)



Apply a small amount of lotion or cream before applying makeup.

Apply as little as possible to prevent wrinkles from sticking out.

It is also important to apply the remaining amount to the brush.


cause) Excess oil



Apply base product + mat concender in 1:1 ratio.



The oily basic cosmetics are used at night to improve skin condition.

Instead, use only a small amount in the morning!



Apply powder to areas with high sebum.(ex. forehead and nose)





Mix the concealer and highlighter in 1:1 ratio to make your face look better.



Select a concealer, primer, depending on skin color.

Red skin – Green or Yellow color

Yellow skin – Violet color

White skin – Pink color





Eye make-up(eye-brow, eye-shadow)

If you apply powder to your eyebrows & eyelids to remove oil before applying makeup, your make-up will continue long.

attention point) Tattoo-brow stays for 3~7 days once drawn.

But tattoo-brow can contain many tar pigments. So be careful if your skin is sensitive.




Apply cream blusher, then powder blusher.




Apply a tint similar to lipstick to the inside of your lips and use lip-makeup. Because it lasts a long time.


Wrinkle & dead skin cell TIP

1.Apply lip balm to lips after skin care.

2.Before lip makeup, wipe your lip with tissue or cotton swab.

Finish lip makeup without wrinkle & dead skin cell!

?*When you apply brush as horizontal direction, you can finish more clear lip makeup!