How to sleep well for good skin during winter

2018 December 20

Beauty equals to sleepyhead?

How to sleep well for good skin during winter

Drink milk and camomile tea

Serotonin formed during the day is changed to Melatonin that induces sleep at night.
There are full of tryptophan, one of the ingredient of milk.
Calcium which relieves nerve can be more absorbed during night.
Before bed time, drinking a cup of milk help sleep well.
Drinking some water or tea is also another good way.
However, caffeine in beverage could interrupt your sleep so water or camomile
tea are recommended instead of coffee or black milk tea.

Checking temperature of room and bedclothes

It is recommended that you keep the indoor temperature at 26℃.
For needed temperature of bedclothes, it is 29℃.
It could be hard that you sleep well if you feel cold when you cover yourself with blanket.
Make it warm by using an electronic blanket and pack.
Please be cautious about dehydration and low temperature as you turn an electronic
blanket on and fall asleep.

Sleeping well with a lymph massage

You seldom sleep if your hands and feet are cold.
Cold hands and foot cause various issues such as edema, bad circulation, skin infection.
It is very effective that you use massage oil during bathing which helps circulation of your body.
Use and mix essential oil, Juniper, Bay leaves and Grapefruit for massage.
At that time, it is a tip to massage with your fingertip and tiptoe.
Gently press your sole, fingers, ankle bone in order and massage calve upwards.

Late dinner, enemy of sleeping

Quality of sleep can be lower if you eat something just before going to bed.
Sympathetic nerve, which serves as alertness and excitement would be active at that
time and parasympathetic nerve helps digestion and absorption.
Under this circumstance, it won’t be helpful for your sleep at all.
If you unavoidably forced to have late dinner, it will be better to eat vegetables,
boiled tofu, shellfish, white fish, hot soup, and other things that helps digestion.

Seeing the sunlight

Suprachiasmatic nucleus which controls sun light when
we take the sun makes our body rhythm is initialized so that people are able to normally act for 24 hours.
In summary, it makes good body to move and work per hours.
Getting up early in the morning is better for your body; before at least 7a.m.
It stops forming Melatonin, one of hormones that helps to sleep well and makes your feeling fresh.
Drinking a cup of water once you get up will be helpful for health because you discharge
sweat from your body during sleep.