How to Use Highlighters & Shades Right for Your Face

2018 June 12

How to Use Highlighters & Shades Right for Your Face

So Called #Contouring Makeup


Women who want to become beautiful make their faces

slimmer and more intense with cosmetic procedures.


However, you can create a Barbie-like look only with makeup rather than procedures.


With highlighters and shades right for your face shape,

you can make your face look sharp and slim as if it’s photoshopped.

That’s why we walk you through easy-to-follow way to use shads and highlighters.



Highlighters have brighter colors than your skin tone to give more glamorous depth

to your face as if shedding light on and make your face look shaper and more intense.


Apply highlighter to the forehead, nose, philtrum, chin, cheekbones

to make your face look much sleeker and brighter.


– Types of Highlighters


Liquid type


Watery formula for moist and glowing skin expression.


Powder type


Solid formula for strong color expression and controlling oil.


TIP_ pressed powder is easily broken. When this happens,

lump it up with alcohol, hold shape and dry it to restore it to its original form.


Stick type


Easy to use even for dry skin. Easy to carry around as it is not broken

like pressed powder or does not have powder flyaways like powder type.

– How to Use Highlighters


Making your nose look higher


* Long and flat nose: lightly apply to about 2/3 of the nose bridge

* Short and flat nose: lightly apply to about 2/3 of the nose bridge and the end of the nose

* Hooked nose: Lightly apply except the bulging part


TIP_ Applying straightly to try to express a high nose may make

your nose look artificial as if putting a stick of chalk in.


TIP_ Use highlighter with fine glitter to enhance the effect

Making your forehead prominent


If your flat forehead concerns you, apply highlighter to the center

just above your eyebrows to express a prominent forehead.


TIP_ Use highlighter with fine glitter to enhance the effect


Distinct facial contour


Other than the forehead or nose bridge, highlight other parts you want to make look

standing out, like brow bones, end of the chin, philtrum (cupid’s bow)

to express an intense look on your face.

Glamorous expression below the eyes


If you have dark circles or your face looks dark, use highlighter to brighten up

the parts under your eyes to make your eye look clearer your skin brighter.


TIP_ Use highlighter without fine glitter to prevent your eyes from looking swollen

TIP_ Not recommended for those with fat under your eyes or on your face


Voluminous C-zone


If you have less volume or fat on your face overall, use highlighter

to brush along your C-zone from the lower part of the brow bones

to the upper part of the cheekbones.





Shades have darker colors than your skin tone to add some shade

to make your face look smaller.


When applying shades, use a fluffy and big brush and

avoid products with red tones or glitter.


– How to shade depending on your face shape


Round face


If you have a round face, use shades along your face line on both cheeks and chin

vertically and widely to make your face look slimmer.


Long face


Apply shades lightly along your hairline and chin

as if you’re cutting down your forehead and chin horizontally.


Square-shaped face


If you have a developed square jaw, apply shades diagonally

to the angular and protruding areas like cheekbones or jawbone

to make such angle look less angular and give a gentle impression on your face.


Inverted triangular face


Apply shades like covering up your forehead to make your face look smaller.

Use shades on the lower jaw to make the pointed chin look smoother.


Diamond-shaped face


For the diamond-shaped face with developed cheekbones and a pointed chin,

apply shades to the prominent cheekbones and the end of the chin lightly.


– Shading Tips –


TIP_ Brush from the outside to the inside.

Widely and diagonally apply along the side lines of the face and put on gradation

to the neckline leading from the chin to prevent your face and neck from looking separate.


TIP_ Use powder or pack type at the last step of makeup.

For stick or cream type, use after base makeup.


TIP_ It looks natural when you use the tone slightly darker than your skin color without redness.



If you use too much shades or highlighters, they will make your face look artificial.

It is important to use an appropriate amount.

Put on pretty makeup just right for you 🙂