Newly Launched “Face Powder,” Making You Feel lightweight, by Dabo Make up

2019 July 30


Newly Launched “Face Powder,” Making You Feel lightweight, by Dabo Make up


Dabo Make up has announced the launch of “Dabo Make up Micro Perfect Powder,” which is

a long-lasting powder product that can get rid of dull and/or greasy skin at the same time.


The Micro Perfect Powder product contains light, fine powder, as light as air, enabling you to have

long lasting smooth and natural makeup. In addition, as pearl powder is added, the product enables

you to express a three-dimensional facial outline that can create delicate gloss to any angles, making

more beautiful skin texture.


This product is available in two colors, Vanilla Beige No. 21, which enables bright and clear skin, and

Calm Beige No. 23, which has a warm basic tone and is suitable for Asians’ skin.


According to a Dabo Make up specialist, “the product is focusing on the expression of natural skin,

which contemporary women are pursuing, as its cozy puff, whose bristle has a moderate length and gives

you a soft feel, is used. In summer, no one is free from greasy skin due to sweat and sebum or from cakey

makeup. Even people with dry skin are not free from those greasy skin and cakey makeup. The Micro Perfect

Powder product’s micro-sized particles that have been refined at a high-purity level and the puff (bundle) in the

finishing step of make-up can create synergy effect of thin and light skin expression, so that the product prevents

even dry skin from being dried.”


Put an appropriate amount of powder on a bundled puff and gently apply it along the texture of skin

as if you roll and softly sweep.