Office beauty tip

2018 November 12

Lets care even in the office
Office beauty tip

I share information of beauty tip for someone who work at office
U wont miss health and skin care even in the office if a small habit is changed in routine.

Drinking enough water for supplying moisture, using mist

At these days, a heating machine is often operated by coming to the cold season.
So the moisture of our body takes away resulted from a dry air

So u should drink water at over 8 times,
Whenever your skin is dry, apply a mist for moisture.
Also, by turning on a humidifier suitably on desk to office,
It may help to skin, neck as well as eyes.

Water rather than coffice, Take healthy snack at the time you are hungry

Passing on duty for all day long, you will be hugry due to work hard.
And you are always seeking for sweet stuff by being tired and stressed

However, taking high protein and caffeine is main problem making skin trouble.

So instead of coffee, water and tea is a better way.
Instead of sweet snack, fruits or nuts are the best tip for skin and health

Straight Pose and Stretching

We usually spend most of the time by sitting at office.
And more, lots of officers are resting their chin on their hand or unbalanced pose.
If this gesture is continued, the skin condition may be worse due to blood circulation.
At this cause, forward head posture is usually progressed by mobile phone or computer

Therefore you often need to stand up and stretch,
It is recommended to release the tense muscle sometimes by stretching
Get away the habit of crossing your legs, particularly by women.

Do not touch your face

Many stuffs are sharing with coworkers at office
Due to this reason, there has lots of germs
So, you rest your chin by the hands touching office supplies or
The habit of reaching to the skin is harmful

Keep the way clarifying keyboard or mouse at office
Additionally, clean your hands absolutely

Essentially use sun block cream

In that case exposing outer skin by ultraviolet,
Collagen and Elastin Fiber maintaining skin elasticity is destroyed.

Skin aging is boosted and wrinkle resulted from it
Skin tone is dulled by Melanin caused like freckle.

Therefore it is necessary item for 4 seasons.

Even at office through window,
Because the skin may be irritated by ultraviolet
It is a important way applying sun block cream matched with your skin everyday