Personal Color

2018 January 30


To distinguish tone of skin, warm and cool tone(personal color)


What is personal color?


It means that people have own color lively and vigorous,

which is well harmonized with their tone of skin.





Skin might look dark and rough if that it doesn’t match their own inherent body color.


Why don’t we find our own individual color?


First, there are warm and cool tone of skin.

It means that ‘warm tone’ is warm color and ‘cool tone’ is cool one.




Although it is a little bit difficult to distinguish the difference between color and base,

you can boast your natural looking if you can find your own color.


Test for warm and cool tone


Exposed to sun for a long time?

warm tone: be darker in black

cool tone: be darker in red


Your hair color?

warm tone: be close to brown

cool tone: be close to black


Skin color?

warm tone: yellowish

cool tone: reddish


Blood vessel of your wrist?

warm tone: be close to green

cool tone: be close to blue


Accessory which well matches tone of skin?

warm tone: gold

cool tone: silver


Please don’t think that you have ‘warm tone’ due to your dark skin.



The ways to test with a lipstick


Apply an orange lipstick on left side of lips and apply a pink one on the other side.

After that, as you look at the mirror, there is a color that makes your skin brighter than before.


If you think orange is much brighter than pink, you have ‘warm tone’.

If you pink looks brighter, there is an odd that you have ‘cool tone’.