Spring makeup tips suggested by DABO Cosmetics

2018 May 25



The most useful item to create a colorful makeup for spring when your heart goes pit-a-pat is a lipstick, the easiest item for a makeup beginner to try.

As the color of a lipstick can affect the image of entire makeup, it is important to carefully choose the right color, which is not too tacky or too much.


DABO Cosmetics advises it is less likely to fail when you figure out your skin tone correctly and choose the color accordingly.

If your skin color is relatively bright, you go well with pink based colors. And if your skin color is slightly reddish, it is better to choose a light coral or lavender color. Someone with a dark skin tone is better to pick a color mixed with an orange color to express a healthy and lively impression. A coral or magenta color is recommended for a warm skin tone and a pink base for a cool skin tone.

‘DABO Cosmetics’ Real Rouge Matte’ provides various colors covering all the colors above, creating diverse images including lovely, gorgeous or cute looks.


DABO Cosmetics officials said “if you have full lips and you think a full lipstick feels too heavy, it is a tip to apply a light color on your entire lips and add a darker color on the inner lips. What you need to do first is to find right color and tone for your image.”