Spring Semester Makeup Tips by DABO MAKE UP

2019 April 3


Spring Semester Makeup Tips by DABO MAKE UP

Many people are keen on making good first impression when the school starts in spring. Being ready with well-cared skin

may be the best way to leave good first impression. but what if your skin is not ready due to failed exercise or proper skincare?

How about trying something new with your makeup?

DABO MAKE-UP here lists some of the ways to look different with “Point Makeup” skill that will leave you looking more sophisticated

and lovely to match the spring.

First thing to try is soft matt lipstick, brilliant in color. Lipstick might be an answer to create new image before meeting friends you

haven’t seen for a while during the break. DABO MAKE-UP “Loose Matt 104 Seoul Pink” has magenta-hued pink that will light up

your facial tone and give you the warm and trendy look.
Loose Matt has 13 different colors to choose from and while the color is vivid, feel on the lips is soft without leaving dryness by

containing jojoba oil.

Second thing to try is a blush with subtle color that can add dimension to your face. Don’t forget to match the blush color with the lipstick.

Vivid blush with strong lip color may be too much. DABO MAKE-UP dry-rose colored “Lovely Fit Blush 121 Moonlight Rose” gives both

vintage and lovely look that can back up other strong point makeup. There are two more colors available for the blush Also, fine powder

particles treated with double coating can settle right on the skin without leaving dusty trail in the air.