The ways to draw attractive eyebrow

2018 April 13

Finding eyebrow which goes well with face shape

The ways to draw attractive eyebrow


Skills for beautiful eyebrow

Before drawing eyebrow

After marking front and end point on eyebrow, you can easily draw what you want to.

Front eyebrow, straight line with the side of nose

A starting spot where the side of nose meets front eyebrow

Starting point of drawing line is that the side of nose meets eyebrow as you draw vertically.

Angular eyebrow at two thirds point

Suitable part is between pupil and end point of eyebrow.

A spot where end point of eyes meets eyebrow.

Length of eyebrow longer than the width of eyes

When you draw eyebrow

Make tip of eyebrow and underline natural with color similar with hair.

If you apply highlighter on brow bone, you can get clear eyes.

Starting from the eye, blend it outward to create gradation!

If the color of front side is strong, it might give unnatural feeling and strong impression.


Finding eyebrow which goes well with face shape


A round face

An angular eyebrow is best.

It might look the width of face wide.

Tips for an angular eyebrow

Step 1. Draw angular eyebrow at two third point.

Step 2. Draw tip of both front and end line downwards.

An angular cheek and chin

Arched eyebrow is best for this face.

Their looking might tough if you highlight angular eyebrow.

Tips for arched eyebrow

Step 1. Draw line in a circle at two thirds point.

Step 2. Draw line downwards at the end of a point.

Long face

Straight and thin eyebrow without being angular is best.

Face might look long if you draw and stress it.

Tips for straight eyebrow

Step 1. Draw line from the front to the end of eyebrow.

Step 2. Make straight eyebrow by drawing and filling in eyebrow.

Refer to these tips and find what kinds of eyebrow goes well with your face shape.