2018 August 20

A hotter and humid summer,

Though you effort to make-up completely from morning…

Make-up is faded away easily.


Pay attention to complete long-duration make-up

Even if you don’t modify make-up~!!

+ Cause resulted in make-up elimination +

Base product utilizing wrongly

a dryness, moisturizing shortage, oiliness

a thickness texture of make-up

Choice applying wrong foundation to skin

a wrong make-up process

Simply For Skin Care!

The step of basic cosmetics are applied,

also if texture is heavy or oiliness is excessive

even though moisturizing is outstanding

when applying color make up at next step

It may make make-up being erased easily


Before you put on make-up, as much as skin feels only moist,

You have to apply light basic cosmetics,

and tap for permeating well to inside skin


Also, cosmetics which is heavy texture or oiliness

are good for applying before going to bed

Apply A Little Bit Primer To Essential Part !

Primer is helping pores and wrinkle decreasing,

Skin Surface will be changed sleek. Also, Because UV rays is prevented

and less oily. At that same time, Make-Up Duration will last for long-term.


However, If Primer apply all parts of face

Skin will be being dry more in case of a dry skin

You feel tight inside of skin and symptom of splitting make-up

Therefore, going well with primer of matched skin type

Apply a little for necessary part

Choice Foundation Along With Skin Type!

Moist Foundation is good for a dry skin.

Moist Foundation is mainly type of liquid or cushion


On the contrary, Matt Foundation is suggested using for oily or complex skin

Matt Foundation consists of cream or powder type




Fasten Make-Up By Powder, Fixer !

If make-up gets rid of easily, you may frustrate however you make up hard.

Powder And Fixer is as Role of make-up fastening

and prevent from darkening, collapsing, spreading, being heavy out


Purpose of its is for persisting makeup until late

Make-Up Powder by absorbing oiliness and sebum of skin,

it, makes make-up long-lasting

Also, Make-Up Fixer when fading away alcohol ingredient of inside fixer,

helps make-up coating and lasting for long-term


Powder is coupled with brush and puff

when using brush, set it up vertically.

after that, apply in a circle, then powder applies lightly and doesn’t clump easily

And, If utilizing fur, nothing is better than it for removing oiliness

If Possible, Get Modified Make-Up Times Less!

There is someone who modifies make-up whenever goes to bathroom, looks in mirror

On the contrary, If make-up is stacked up, thick more and more

oiliness may be occurred or vice versa

Resulted from it , Lasting-Power will decrease

If assuming to go out at all day

It recommend that make-up additionally needs to be amended about 2~3 times

at time to time (between Lunch and Dinner)

It is good that you avoid behavior like washing, touching on face


If beauty-tip notifying is kept well

All Day, Make-Up is lasted

and maintain beautiful appearance^^