Tips for right usage of foundation

2018 February 19

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Tips for right usage of foundation





★ Know about your skin type to select suitable cosmetics! ★


It is important what cosmetics are suitable for your skin.





★ Think about what effects you prefer! ★


Give weight to whether you cover blemishes or improve skin tone.





★ Apply 2 or 3 colors and compare them! ★


Essential test needed! If it is difficult to give it

a try on face, apply them on neck close to face.







If you want natural and light make-up, liquid type of foundation is recommended.

It features light texture and controlling moderate quantity that you like to use.



Cream foundation for those who seek high coverage and bright skin.

You can feel that it is less oily and doesn’t cause flakes compared to liquid one.

After that, apply powder on skin if you want matte face.

These days, there are lots of creamy foundations,

not matte one launched in the market, which delivers smooth feeling to people.



Powder type of foundation for those who want seamless and smooth skin.

After you combine essence and powder, you are able to smoothly apply it without feeling dry.