Tips for using concealer

2018 July 20

Defect that want to conceal ! Tips for using concealer


A hot summer, in order to avoid hot and stuffy

Base Make-up Trend is going to be slight more and more


Blink, Scar, Dark Circle concerned continuously

Concealer is the way how to solve this problem

What is the concealer?

It helps the flaw spot of skin covered thoroughly

This product is functional cosmetic to make your skin cleaned and sleek


If so, when the best time to apply is good for?

<when using broad area>

Use broad area in order to improve skin tone a spot like dark circle

Apply contents Before using Foundation, BB Cream

After that, apply slightly by using something such as puff or finger

<when using narrow area>

When using narrow area in order to cover tiny flaw

contents after using foundation, BB cream

Complete by knocking naturally a little bit after smearing finger or thin brush

Concealer has so various product lines to cover each other parts

Lets’ find what kind of concealer is right away?

<Liquid Concealer>

The liquid type of concealer used mainly when covering some spot such as dark circle or flushing

even if it can cover broad area resulted from using easily and moist

Coverage is weak to be enough


Also, not large amount at one time for broad area

The texture of concealer is a little heavy

Apply contents by splitting at multiple times

<Stick Concealer>

The stick type of concealer adjusting lip line or details like blink, mole, blemish etc. is

You might feel stiff due to a partial cover.


Shortcomings of stick concealer getting weak

put the brush into pacts and beat it naturally after covering

Persist lasting power over normal time

However, please avoid person who has the type of dry skin

<Cream Concealer>

Because Cream type of concealer is due to merit to have strong coverage

it is useful kind of the part like deep blink, mole, acne etc.

But this product may be dry texture, so it isn’t suitable for broad area

Also, Cream concealer has to be applied slightly not being thick


If you utilize brush more than hands, it can be reduced Entrapment


dug wound such like scar needs to be dark in the edge of wound

and If covering area which is dug brightly, it seems protruding effects



Prominent flaws resulted from slight base make-up at summer season

By recognizing using part and kind of concealer

Cover it magically ^^