What is your best face make-up?

2018 May 18

What is your best face make-up?

BB Cream & CC Cream & Foundation

Face makeup that makes your skin brighter and covers skin flaws!

Lately, there are many cosmetics that combine the strengths of products.

So, it is better that put it on my own skin first, then choose a sense of use.

Let’s take a look at the product before we do that!

Compare the amount of difference, including oil-base and aqueous in BB Cream, CC Cream and Foundation!

If you want to express your skin like your original skin?

“A natural taste of BB cream”


It protects your skin from blemish and cleans up your skin.

The cover is a little lower than the foundation, but it is less dry, and is easily painted.

?We recommend it to people with dry skin and clean skin.


There are not many different kinds like foundation. So, there is a limit to fitting the skin color.

Depending on the product, there are darkening.

Do you want a bright complexion?

“Bright + Natural + Moisten CC Cream”


It protects against flaws and makes your dark complexion look brighter.

The skin looks healthy because it has more moisture than BB cream.


Depending on the product, there are darkening.

If your skin have a lot of spots and a dark complexion?

“A strong cover foundation”


It is well covered and durable.

There are a wide range of choices in colors. So, you can have various choice.


Thick skin expression because of heavy texture.

It is not recommended for dry skin.


Liquid Foundation

The coverage weaker than cream foundation.

But it`s absorbed well in the skin and express natural skin tone because of moist texture.

This is suitable for the middle or dry skin.

Cream Foundation

Rich texture and high moisturizing

Excellent coverage foundation!!

It`s little bit dry. But, best for freckle and fine wrinkle.

Stick foundation

The stick foundation which has sustaining power and coverage

is recommended to oily skin because of matte texture.

Two Way Cake

The two way cake that adheres to the skin perfectly and provide perfect cover makeup.

High coverage like skin cover and light and natural finish like powder.

It can use with dry and wet sponge. So-called two way cake.

Cushion Foundation

It is a combination of sponge and foundation. It is easy to fix make-up.

but, it exposes to air easily. so use it faster.

There are many products that have both good and bad points and that combine each strength.

Choose the right product based on your skin condition and make-up style.

How to make up


Please use proper tool!

Please apply detailly without stain by using proper tool for you

like a sponge, cushion, finger, or flat brush!


Please apply small amount evenly and serval time.

If you don’t get close to your skin, you may get darkening.

Warning “kabuki makeup style”


Please use face makeup and UV screen product together!

Face makeup includes ultraviolet protection. But it`s usually second option.

So, please use both together.